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When I was a teen I did oil painting and we prepared our canvases right from raw cotton on home made frames, rabbit skin glue and gesso. So I am with DSG figuring it being awfully thick. But that was 40 odd years ago so I am sure products have changed.

I am curious as to what size actions you would be portraying with Rogue Planet rules? Had to look them up, as always wanting to see what is out there, and from what I can see they are small scale skirmish rules. So this makes me think you are either playing small actions to get the feel of the situation, there are so few troops involved a skirmish or few is basically all that is remaining of the forces or I am out to lunch and RP can handle larger units. Curious as to which applies. Thank you.

I like your idea of using the figures (and terrain?) on hand and not, like me, buying lots more to do not a lot more gaming. Thank you for your posts.