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Rod Robertson

Geof Downton:

Your Hebrew Army looks amazing. Well done! Is it your only Biblical army or have you painted up foes for it to fight? Maybe some Satic Egyptians or Neo-Assyrian baddies are needed? Keep up the great work and I hope to see more of your work on TWW.

I build multiple armies in any period I game so that I have access to foes and options for games. For example in the late Bronze Age period (c. 1300 BCE) I have built a Hittite Empire army and a New Kingdom Egyptian army and I am still working on completing an early Middle Assyrian army and a Sea People’s host.

In the Iron Age Empires (c. 700 BCE) I have built a Neo-Assyrian Empire Army, A Babylonian Empire Army, an Elamite Empire and a Skythian horde. The embryonic nucleus of a Median Army is bought and prepared but has not hit the painting table yet.

Next up is a Mycenaean Greek and/or Minoan Army to complete the Bronze Age group (although I am toying with the absurd idea of building an utterly crappy Kaska/Gasgan army to annoy my Hittites with). Khurasan Miniatures has a lovely range of Gasgans in 15 mm which combined with some Chariot minis like Guti Higlanders, etc. will make a nice host of Anatolian and Zagros Mountain Barbarians.

in the classical period I have built a Polybian Roman army, a Celt-Iberian army and a Gallic/Galatian army and an Imperial Roman army and a Dacian army. I have a bunch of Parthians ready to go, but that’s further down the line, I’m afraid. Too much to paint and not enough time to do it.

Cheers and be well.

Rod Robertson.