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Mr. Average

Rogue Planet seems pretty scalable, but my goal is fireteams and a few vehicles, at the moment – probably up to about a platoon per engagement.  The vast majority of forces will be classed as Groups, with various support weapons.  Tanks will be involved, and a few “heroes” to represent commanders, etc.  Gesso, by the way, worked well enough for the time being but I still probably prefer spray primer.  The weather has been dreary, though – far too humid to spray prime, and of course, as I mentioned before I have no flat white primer at the moment.  So any port in a storm.  The main issue is that it’s dense enough that it can form webs over open spots in a miniature so you have to clean them up a bit with a sharp knife.  But it seems to have held enough rendition on the detail to suit my purposes for the moment.