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OK I am stupid. Rouge planet has fire team size units (teams of up to say four troopers as a single game entity, like ASL where you treat say a half squad as a single “thing” for all rolls) or like most skirmish games where they may operate as a single entity on a single base but each figure rolls a di(c)e each for attacks, etc.?

I only play 6mm, OK a few 15s for skirmish, and all my “priming” is spraying the base colour of the figure usually the main colour of the uniform. I almost always use hardware store rattle cans or brush paint for colours not covered in the usual “camouflage” paint available here in Canada. I have no idea why we can’t buy sand but nope. Pain in the but. But khaki covers most uniforms and some of the darker grey primers work well for WWII German uniform grey.