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Mr. Average

Yeah I usually spray prime with a hard, flat white “rust control” paint, which seals and etches a good surface for acrylics. But frankly for a one off project this is fine – I mixed up some ink washes to exaggerate the details a little and it’ll be okay I think. I base colored the first couple squads last night, and also grabbed some of those Dave Graffam models from Wargame Vault so I can build some terrain worth fighting over in the Coulondrien suburbs. I also dig out some spare bits to make patches of “treacherous” terrain, namely the areas where Agent Bleu has been deployed in combat – it leaves behind toxic byproducts as it leeches into the ground, boiling up with the groundwater and thickening into sludge and off-gassing blue crystals. You don’t want to be around this stuff, trust me.