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I think the distinction is that what in English-speaking countries we call “the Marines” or whatever derivative are in French usually distinguished from “Marins,” (sailors). The Marines would be “l’infanterie maritime” or “l’infanterie de marine,” literally “naval infantry.” I’m not sure how that scans against Napoleonic names though as there might not yet have been an equivalent term.


Present day French marines of the Marine Nationale are Fusiliers Marins and Commandos Marine under the command of Force maritime des fusiliers marins et commandos.

Confusingly the modern Armee de Terre also has Troupes de Marine.



During the 1er Empire period, French marines (‘proper marines’, not the hussar uniformed fops of the Garde), were designated  Corps Imperial d’artillerie de Marine and Troupes de Marine. The latter serving exclusively as land based infantry.


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