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The distinction is not clear for the general French public either, especially for people who don’t know much military history etc. Many years ago for National Service (then compulsory) I served in the 1er RAMa (1er Régiment d’Artillerie de Marine) it was 30 kms of Paris (and looked like any other artillery regiment, with 155 AMF3)… But some guys were asking why there was not a ship around!? and once I was on guard at the gate post (and also answering telephone) a lady phoned she wished to talk to her son who had arrived recently, I asked: yes, in which battery? …she answered: “Il est dans la marine !” obviously she thought he was now wearing a Navy uniform with a red pompon…

OTOH, the “fusiliers marins” who are officially sailors have sometimes served as an infantry brigade of two regiments ashore (battle of Dixmude 1914)…