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And finally the Chariots, all prepared using my rather low-tech “find a design online, print it out to size” wallpapering technique to avoid having to paint really detailed chariot cab designs.

The Purple one – with a rather half-hearted animal skin design on the back of the horse (which should of course have been a saddle cloth on a ridden horse)

This I think is the best design – an Ashur Gate-type effect that blends well with the blue of the rest of teh cab

Plenty of room for the crew to move around and fight (or be posed in different arrangements in the cab for more variety)

I’ve also included info about some of the “wallpaper” images on the site if you want to copy this idea.

There are loads more images on the Madaxeman.com website of these chariots together with the Infantry and Cavalry which you can reach via this link : https://www.madaxeman.com/main/28mm_Assyrian_Chariots.php

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