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Just Jack

Norm – My pleasure, Sir!  Thank you for the kind words, and you’re own fine work!

Kyote John – Yeah, they were doomed from the start 😉  And yes, it’s off to South Leon, though this campaign is more of just a generic ‘modern’ set of fights, rather than ‘fake Vietnam,’ like I’d been doing.

Whirlwind John – Thanks a bunch, and I’m glad you enjoyed it.  As I mentioned, I’m always going to be on the aggressive side, and from my standpoint, sitting back and holding fast was not an option for the Commonwealth troops, they were going to have to do something dramatic (and with a low chance of success, as we saw) to have a chance of winning, or simply sit there and get punished by stand-off weapons until they’d had enough and decided to retire (or be forced to retire after being suppressed and having German infantry closing in).

And to be clear, I’m not putting that on the real-life Commonwealth commanders and troops, it’s the way I set it up in terms of the games, and how my modified version of Chain of Command was playing out.  Going into Barbarossa, my plan is for the Germans to generally be outnumbered in all the games; the Germans will have substantial firepower, will be very mobile, and will run circles around the Soviets in terms of command and control, but the Germans will always be outnumbered, and the Soviets will have some nasty surprises in store with KV-1s and T-34s.