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Tony S

That looks spectacular, both the painting and the terrain!  I see you put the decals to good use.

Oddly enough I just bought a few of the Dredd novels from Rebellion a couple of weeks ago as they were on sale.  My son and I had been talking about the movie “Dredd” which we had both enjoyed, and I made an impulse buy as I’m not terribly interested in the Dredd comics.  I will probably roasted for this, but I really don’t like reading comics, Dredd or not.  Just not enough writing I guess, and I’m too much of a philistine to appreciate the coloured drawings.  The idea of a massive conurbation slowly falling to pieces under its own population’s weight is intriguing though.

I actually quite enjoyed the novels.  Oddly enough, I even have some of the old Mongoose Dredd figures, although just the gangs as I used them for Post Apocalyptic and Necromunda Ash Wastes gangs.

Do you need a lot of markers to play the game?  There seem to be two or three on some of the figures?