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Mark Morin

Mark, Just thought I’d mention how much I’m enjoying your blog. Years ago I went through an Aztec phase. At the time (mid-80s ?), precious few manufacturers made Aztecs. I’d gotten Tin Soldier, Miriliton, Ral Partha and Naismith figures which, for the time, were all pretty nice. Lately, they’ve been calling me. I’ve got about 120 in total, about half painted. I’ve got some old photos here: https://sites.google.com/site/petiteguerre/galleries/aztecs . And, if you’ve not seen it there is a great thread on Lead Adventure Forum (http://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=115157.0 ). The author, Huron34 really knows his stuff. Keep it coming!


Man oh man what great resources – thanks for sharing them.  I saved them as favorites and will be referring to them as well.  Really liked the stuff on your blog.


I see you mentioned Arrow Knights and I am painting a group of them next – and like you I have not seen much as to pics as references.  They are the old Ral Partha figs from 1988 – after these I am on to Wargames Foundry and Outpost Wargames 28mm figs (138 to be exact).  I wrote an Aztec/Maya/Inca/Conquistadores supplement which I will use to game them.


Much appreciate the feedback – very kind and very helpful.