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Just Jack

That was a great fight, thanks for posting!  I’m so glad you found the rules and finally gave them a go; only six years, eh? 😉

I really enjoyed how the fight developed, and I thought the look of the table and troops was very nice and effective, particularly that “destroyed tank” marker.  And I’ve seen those little explosions somewhere before 😉

I really wasn’t sure what to expect with two identical forces facing off, but with both sides starting off table and rolling for activation, it turned out really well.  I’m most taken with the of how the morale chit pulling mechanism worked.  I’m always a fan of games where morale breaks for a force before they’ve lost 75% of their troops!

There was one thing that seemed odd, though: two times (one German, one US) in the game a side was forced to draw a morale chit because bad stuff was happening to them, but then it turned good for them.  The Americans were forced to draw and it ended up with the Stug hitting a mine (very lucky for the Germans it didn’t get tracked!), and the Germans were forced to draw and it turned into air support.  I don’t know how that felt for you, but it felt to me like bad stuff should have happened to the side being forced to pull, so the US draw should have seen the Sherman strike a mine and the German pull should have drawn a flight of P-47s down on their heads!  But that’s just my sadistic streak, kicking a force while it’s down 😉

Again, thank you for that, it was very enjoyable and I’m looking forward to more.  I also need to look into those rules, I think.