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Thorsten Frank

From the optics and style certainly computer games. Jason mentioned Satellite Reign which was a really good one. There exists a special edition with an introductionary novel as PDF. Another nice example is RUINER. But beware it´s an action game and for guys like me, nearing the half century, it is sometimes a bit to  … demanding.  But the scenery is simply great. Also nice is DEX, a platformer/RPG-mix.
A few other examples, which I haven´t played (yet) are Observer, NeoCab and Gemini Rue.
What I´ve played is the classic Blade Runner game by Westwood from the mid-90s and it was really good. As far as I know some of the classic publishers has brought it again either or both to Steam and/or GOG.  And I think both movies are very high on the list.
Then there are the Deus Ex games. The first one and DX: Human Revolution are really excellent.

Luckily for all the games are YT videos online either playthroughs or the respective intros which give often enough inspiration.

I noticed the lack of photos in Reality´s Edge too. I haven´t played it yet and can´t say much if it fits or not. Either way there are some interesting rule mechanics.
I wonder why some of the authors not follow Robey Jenkins example in Horizon Wars and give some examples of suitable manufacturers for minis.

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