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Jim Jackaman

<p style=”text-align: left;”>I used to do a lot of jumping on bandwagon projects that guys at the club started, including a few of my own like the Back of Beyond and Aeronef, but found that I could never keep up. As a result my leadpile got bigger and I got fed up.</p>
A couple of years ago I wasn’t able to attend for a long period of time due to other commitments, so started doing projects for me based on what I was interested in regardless of anyone else. This was aimed at solo gaming but also to bring things along to the club to introduce to other players.

This meant I was inevitability doing both sides. It’s worked out really well, as there’s no pressure to try to keep up and I’m doing things that I’m interested in, which means that they tend not too fizzle out e.g. Victorian naval.