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Back in the late 70s and early 80s, some friends and I started into Napoleonics in 15mm.  Almost the entire collection was 2nd gen Minifigs.  Another buddy and I had the French while 3 of my other friends had English, Russian and Austrian.  Some rather great times.  we  had playing Fire and Steel (aka  System 7).  I acquired most of the English and some of the Russians.  I’ve since touched up/repainted most of the forces as my paint skills are considerably better than they were in 1978.

I’ve got WW2 both sides for Early N Africa and plenty of Micro Armor for Western Europe.   Also lots of 15mm armies for  fantasy, medieval, dark age and ancients back to the Punic wars.  I have always painted both sides ever since my college  days.  These days, my friends are more into Dungeons and Dragons.  I can get them to occasionally play a miniatures game.



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