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Well, I watched Johnny Mnemonic last night, for the first time since the mid-90s. I generally remembered it being bad, but despite being aware of its terrible reputation I had forgotten just how awful it truly is. I almost feel the urge to start up an “intentionally crap cyberpunk” project in 28mm or 15mm, separate from my other cyberpunk projects, in honour of this piece of cinematic malware that’s now back in my brain

Thanks for the video game tips, everyone. Satellite Reign has come up in discussions here on TWW in the past and I’ve been meaning to check it out. I have the most recent Deus Ex game on console (bought in a digital sale) but I’ve been buying too many old games on sale and they all take a very long time to play through, so I haven’t gotten to that one yet. I really should make time for it soon, because it’ll probably be less exciting to play once Cyberpunk 2077 is out. The other games mentioned in this thread are new to me. Any that are too action-oriented for my tastes (or that require a high-performance PC) I can check out on YouTube or Twitch. It’s mainly the visual/narrative/worldbuilding inspiration I crave, rather than the gameplay itself. Another new cyberpunk indie video game that popped up on my radar just a few days ago is Cloudpunk. This is a non-action-oriented one about city exploration in a flying car, Blade Runner-style.


There’s a season 2 of Altered Carbon?

Yes, and a stand-alone anime film. Where S1 of the series is set on a heavily urbanised, cyberpunk-vibing Earth and only brings up the non-cyberpunk elements of the setting (extinct aliens and the mysterious technology they left behind) in passing, S2 is set on another planet with more of an “outer colony” vibe and focuses more heavily on the legacy of the aliens. It’s still “sorta kinda” cyberpunk, but in a more diluted way. Joel Kinnaman isn’t in it anymore, BTW.

I also got around to watching the anime film last night. On the whole I liked it (despite it being another full-CGI production), but then I’m a long-time anime aficionado and quite inured to the occasional weirdness of the genre. It’s also set on another planet, but even so, unlike S2 of the series, this film feels superlatively cyberpunk. That’s all I wanted from it, really, so I’m content. I don’t even mind that some scenes are shameless Ghost In The Shell rip-offs. Being an anime it doesn’t try very hard to be stylistically consistent with the American live-action series it’s meant to share a universe with, but never mind that – just enjoy it for the tropey genre romp that it is.


Hey Rhoderic, thanks for mentioning Ghost int he Shell, I need to take a look at that.

You’re welcs. Just in case it needs pointing out more directly, the new Netflix series (Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045) isn’t the first installment in the Stand Alone Complex continuity. There are two previous series and a film (all of which I thoroughly enjoyed) from some 15 years back. Still, any one of these installments can be watched as a stand-alone (go figure) as long as you have a basic knowledge of the classic GITS premise and characters in general.

All this is reminding me that there are a couple of other films and series in the grand, multi-continuity GITS franchise I haven’t watched or finished yet. How many different continuities is it up to by now? I count five or six, and that’s looking only at the films and TV/net/OVA series.


I made a new cyberpunk minis game (“Chrome Hammer”).

Purchased! I’ve not read it yet, but I already appreciate the effort you put in to decorate the ruleset with inspirational “in-world” photos of miniatures and terrain. There are good terrain-building ideas in there.