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Darkest Star Games

I’ll 2nd or 3rd Satellite Reign, it’s a great game and has some great environments.

There’s also Frozen Synapse, though more for the Big Brother Is Watching/Vive Le Revolution than the graphics.  I’ve been playing Cloudpunk, and it’s very chill.  Nothing really but fetch quests (so far) but despite the environment being voxel based and having that 8-bit look it is quite enchanting (whoever programmed the camera angles is a genius, there are some magnificent vistas).  There are a lot of areas that would be perfect for table top gaming.

Haven’t gotten to Ruiner yet, though it’s on my wish list.  Deus Ex as said above is fantastic!

There are several renditions of the Appleseed movie out there, some are good, some are meh, and they’re more “edenpunk” than gritty cyberpunk, but still some cool stuff in them.

Battle Angel Alita can be considered a little cyberpunky, as can Elysium, Repo Men, Akira, Paris 2054: Renaissance, Nemesis (the 1992 movie, not good) and Liquid Sky (the most 80’s CP movie ever, just horrible, but very in the spirit of CP2013 when it was written).

To be honest, I don’t think there has ever been a movie that has been more Cyberpunk (as in the game) than Blade Runner and 2049.

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