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telzy amber

ah back in the day. Duke Seigfried, Jim Getz and… and… someone else Der Kriegspielers Napoleonique 1/30 and Frappe 1/10. Fire & Steel/System 7 was pirated from these. So many many people mushed them together to 1/20. Way way back in the late ’90s I attended an Origins in Fort Worth. GDW was there flogging their new, soon to be published, Command Decision. I asked Chadwick why they didn’t mention Der Kriegspieler’s rules since that was all system 7/Fire & Steel was. Same morale tables, same morale checks, Fear of Impact… Terror of… something… there were a bunch of specific morale checks all with names which I can’t recall.

Of course Duke pirated Hinton Hunt NapoleonicĀ  figures in the USA back in the …70s? late 60s? So what goes around come around. We played the heck out of them. Somewhere I have Frappe and Napoleonique plus Fire & Steel. Or maybe they have gone missing somewhere along the way…