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Newbie to the forum here (but not to forums!). Thanks for posting a great looking game, Thuseld. I’m a big fan of Battlegroup but play in 15mm. Seeing your 6mm is really inspiring! I have 6mm ACW and have often thought of 6mm WWII but get easily corrupted by friends… On the need for supplements, I wouldn’t let that put one off. There are such disparities between different periods and theatres that it would be very difficult to contain in a single set. Some, like Blitzkrieg Commander have gone about this through different army lists for each period/theatre. In essence, this is what BG does, but has a lot more detail for each unit due to the level of the game. For me, I have armies suitable for the 43-45 period in Western Europe (incl. Italy). Buying a supplement for an earlier theatre/period would be a luxury rather than a necessity as playing it would involve whole new armies. I’ve played the Overlord lists and Fall of the Reich, using Western allies vs Germans. I also own the Torch lists, and the Bulge and Market Garden supplements. The difference in feel between each theatre is palpable, with the chits also different for Fall of the Reich.

Thanks for the kind words. Going 6mm was more out of spacial necessity than anything. My hobbying stalled for a while and then I discovered 6mm Sci Fi skirmishing games where I could make terrain from junk and could fit it all in a shoebox under the bed and play on a small dining room table. Then I thought I would get some WW2 stuff to see if it is any good and fell in love. I will get my 20mm stuff going again one day, but not for a while. 15mm tempts me also, but I own literally nothing in that scale.

As for supplements, I own Overlord and Barbarossa as I was painting up Russians and early Germans at the time. I then picked up Wacht am Rein, Kursk and FotR in the recent reprints. I want Blitzkrieg and could die happy.