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Just Jack

Kyote-John: You grew up with a lot of things that are no longer around/true 😉

Whirlwind-John: If only that RPG connected???  Who’s side are you on???
I’m not sure I follow your question, but I’ll take a stab: first, I’d say 5Core isn’t more simple, just that I’ve changed quite a few things from the rules as written to streamline them.  With those streamlined rules I like to play cartoony, Hollywood-hero style games on very small playing surfaces.  Chain of Command, well…  I did it on a lark.  It’s a platoon-game that I bumped up to a company-game, and while I had a good time with them, a more critical review of my 10-game campaign shows it wasn’t really successful.

That is to say the rules gave a quick game (for its size), were fun, but the deployment didn’t really work, as I easily won all of the games I played.  I’m trying to make sure that statement is actually true; while playing them I felt like (most of) the games were close, but reading them after the fact and looking at people’s comments, it doesn’t really seem like that was the case, and so I’m trying to figure out if 1) they were actually close and just my write-ups aren’t accurately reflecting it, or 2) they weren’t that close and feeling like they were was simply my competitive nature kicking in.  I’m thinking the latter, because while I’m always mapping things out in my head, true defeat for the Germans was always more than two steps down the road, never actually on the cusp.

So I think I’m going back to I Ain’t Been Shot Mum for company-sized engagements for Barbarossa with KG Klink.

Hopefully that gets somewhere near answering your question; if not, please try me again 😉