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John Taylor

Thanks guys!  I’m still building up my terrain collection for this setting – the ‘cactus plants’ in the foreground I made by spraying up some soft plastic ‘aquarium plant’ style bits I bought in a super cheap baggie at a convention flea market.  As an experiment I hit them with some beige Krylon paint+primer spray when I was prepping some other terrain and they worked out surprisingly well – now I have to make some more.  The wargames table isn’t exactly the expected destination for ‘plants’ you buy in a baggie from an anonymous guy for recreational use…

“Dust Crawlers” are like the Blighted Lands version of the “Taken”.  You see ’em come up on the encounter result and start crossing ‘protective herbs’ off your packed gear list.

I’m doing well because my party started very strong after finishing my original 5L campaign.  This one rolled up to be a short one (single village with somewhat low threat levels – I’ve already got the Nomad TL down to ‘0’) so I just rolled with it.  I think before my next campaign I’ll strip out everyone but my Avatar and Retainer and add a d6 worth of followers for the rest to make things more interesting.  It’ll be Blighted Lands again since I haven’t wrung anywhere near all the juice from this setting yet and I’m also having a great time with it.