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Regarding the automatic grenade launchers, I never ran across an AGS-17 in the wild (and it fires a smaller, 30mm round), but plenty of experience in Iraq with Mk-19s.  I’m not sure who you’re hearing negative stuff about Mk-19s from, they’re absolutely ferocious!  Give’em 10 seconds and they’ll put nearly a dozen 40mm HEDP rounds right in somebody’s shorts, out to a klick away, and they even did a job on those thick, stone-walled houses in Fallujah. You’re right, they don’t do much in the games as I’m really just handling as machine guns as I don’t want them to take over the game.

  That’s reassuring to hear as I figured they’d be monsters, especially with the frag rounds.   One guy I talked with did convoy protection and said they were crap vs. ambushers that lay on dunes.  Maybe the sand didn’t set them off or the baddies were too much on the reverse slope?  I dunno.

Seems if you had them working as at least grenade attacks or small mortars your dudes might bet more bang out of them, so to speak!

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