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Guy Farrish

Thanks Steve.

Common sense? Aye there’s the rub! I remember reading about it.

Seriously the rules seem to work really well in terms of game flow and ease of use, and produce a game that feels not a million miles away from what I would generally expect from reading about Thirty Years War battles. (Sample size a bit small perhaps – two games!)

I will play some more straightforward set piece battles – no rivers, no complicated areas of unknown terrain, no town, all of which was pushing it for a second run through of a new set.

That I had so few moments of doubt speaks volumes for what an elegant set of rules they are. Indeed the reason I felt comfortable about the idea of running a complicated scenario that emerged from a campaign as my second game with them was because the first run through had been so smooth.

I tried a few games of Polemos for this period -ECW not TYW after reading some of Whirlwind’s reports  a while back, but I just can’t get on with the idea of the bidding system. I didn’t get on with it in the first Marlburian set they produced and however much I try it just feels gimmicky to me. Sorry, it’s not you it’s me, but there it is.

Anyway -ToDR, a really good set.

Thanks again to all involved for inspiring me to try them.