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I grow fonder of the original Void miniatures with every passing year. I like how they look a bit “retro”/”vintage” now (in terms of sculpting style more than the general sci-fi/sci-fantasy concepts they represent). I also like the vague 2000AD vibes I get from them. They definitely look like something out of a comic book sci-fi universe, and that’s fun.

I have a bunch of them and intend to get more. I might or might not use the actual ruleset, and I’m not terribly interested in the official setting, but in any case I want to game with the miniatures in a way that captures the general feel that Void 1.1 is going for.

In the interest of having it be a self-contained project, I’m drawn to the idea of either a Junkers-Koralon match-up, because together they imply a very gritty setting, or a Syntha-Koralon match-up, for the “robots versus bugs” contrast.