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You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!

Your experience at building and rigging 1/1200 is coming into play here, I suspect. Also looks the ‘Mericans are coming to play. I see stunsail spars, boat davits and it looks like the tops have been extended. Are those your modifications? I’m not even thinking of topmast rigging!

Yeah, the holes for the backstays is a consistent problem with these models. I guess for most gamers it won’t be an issue. Depends on your level of obsession!

On the upside I found a tool that has become my best friend. Turns out he’s been sitting on my desk forever but I found the original magnifying glass to be a PITA. Take that off and, viola! It’s like an extra pair of hands! I’ve noticed you use something to hold the models. What is that?


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