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The DAK recce car commander ducks his head down as he gets hit right in the eye by a flying fly, by such little things, are battles lost. By the time he’s cleared the mini missile’s remains from his mince a British armoured car has gone racing across his front without a shot being fired! A familiar figure may also be seen skulking into the ruined ancient temple thingy on the DAK scout car’s flank.

No.4 Platoon make their way into the rocky ground as No.5 head for the road…

The speed with which the DAK can move and deploy once again catches the Jocks on the hop, a mortar and heavy machine gun being deployed under the cover of the wall.

A rain of bombs and tracer bullets are very soon hitting the ranks of the plucky Scotchmen…

As the Tommy’s hit the dirt the 12th Panzer Grenadiers storm the bridge!

Recovering it’s composure the DAK recce car storms in, all guns blazing!

At the critical moment as the bridge looks like falling a wondrous sound drifts over the desert on the wind…














"Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

"I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"