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Jemima Fawr

Yeah, there are errors (I’ve not seen the 2nd Edition, so can’t compare the two), but all history books do somewhere.  In Zetterling’s case, the vast majority of the data comes from KStNs (official strength-returns).  In reality, some units kept things ‘off the books’ (e.g. armoured vehicles in static infantry divisions) in case they got taken away to refit another formation and in some cases the KStN is simply wrong – probably due to transcription error on the part of the person compiling the diagram or somewhere else along the chain of transmission.

Some examples:

One officer from a heavy weapons company of 21st Panzer Division lists SP multi-barrelled mortar platoons as part of these companies; these aren’t on the KStN.

Similarly, the pair of ex-French 8cm mortars in each Panzergrenadier company of the division also aren’t listed.

The 21 PD KStN goes on to get the ratio of Hotchkiss SP 105mm to 75mm guns in the wrong way round (it should be 4x 105mm & 6x 75mm, not 6x 105mm and 4x 75mm).

An artillery battery commander of 716th Infantry Division goes into great detail regarding his battery of Lorraine SP 105mm guns – these aren’t listed on the KStN.

The Anti-Tank Company of 711th Infantry Division had some ex-French tanks that were lost near Merville – again, these are off the books.

The trouble with this sort of thing is that it’s extremely difficult to discover until it’s revealed by an individual unit history or by a reliable memoir.  Most of the above comes from officers’ memoirs and after-action reports.

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