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Toothy primer for me. I prime everything with gesso these days. When I first started painting the the ’70s, I had a bottle of Heritage brush on primer which I loved. Lasted for years but when it ran out I had to go to aerosols since brush-on hobby primer was impossible to find. Hated them. Still do. So a couple years ago I moved to Liquitex professional gesso for both metal and plastic figures. Much happier with it. I’ve never had it obscure details even on 10mm figures and I can prime any time I want. No ventilation issues. No humidity issues. Just give it 24 hours to dry and don’t wet your brush with water. Use an acrylic thinner if you feel the need.

Normally, I’ll apply a wash of tinted floor wax to bring out the details. However, floor wax does leave the figure relatively shiny. So to tone that down I typically finish a figure with a coat of Liquitex matte varnish which ends up with a satiny finish which I like. If I want to re-introduce some more shininess to the metallic parts, I’ll apply a top coat of untinted floor wax. That’s about all the shininess I want. Shininess is all about the smoothness of the top surface. I think the floor was flows well and evens out the top surface of the toothy sub layers.

Works for me.

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