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Tony Hughes

“This is probably a stupid question but how do you tell if you are buying good quality drill bits?  Is price the only guide to this or is there a brand you would recommend?”

Good question and I’m not sure that the answer is simple.

Buying from a good retail source that you know or expect to only stock quality tools SHOULD be the simplest way but I’ve found that many these days stock inferior tools. I put that down to plastics and they assume you don’t need decent kit to work plastics – wrong, you do.

If buying over the ‘net you can get a set of the drills I described very cheap (less than £5) and that is what I did. They haven’t done bad service and after a quite reasonable amount of use the most used are now too blunt to use. I then searched out a specific manufacturer of drill bits (don’t ask, I don’t remember the name) and paid 10 times as much for packs of a few bits in my most used sizes & shared them with a mate.

I won’t retract the advice but, unless you buy tools regularly (and I used to), you might find identifying a good supplier a lot harder today than it was 30 years ago. I can’t complain about my cheap internet buy so I’d get a pack of those and see how they go for you. If I can find the purchase I’ll post the name of the supplier here when I do.