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Angel Barracks

So, I am working on the cave mouth and have hit a brick wall.

Now, there are 2 routes to follow.
Right now it has bare vines running up it.

My preference would be to leave the vines bare as I would add the foliage myself with flock, scatter, lichen, leaves etc and other materials.
However I would happily spend a good number of hours doing so, leaf by leaf etc..

The other option is to have an impression of leaves/foliage sculpted on, though with the limits of casting they will not be as ‘real’ looking as foliage added after.

What would you prefer, bare vines to add your own green (or indeed just leaf them bare)

Or a sculpted on impression of greenery?

See above for the cave so far, and below for a reference picture for what I am thinking of. (though obvs not that realistic)