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Thanks guys

Vtsaogames- That was a standard 500pt game which took about 4/4.5 hours to setup & play. I was pretty rusty with the rules so there was a bit of rule checking/reading going throughout the game (photo’s and stuff as well).

5 turns played in all. Washington’s army uses a 21 point time clock that counts down 1D6 at the end of each turn.

Turn 1 : rolled a 4- clock dropped to 17

Turn 2 : rolled a 5- clock dropped to 12

Turn 3 : rolled a 5- clock dropped to 7

Turn 4 : rolled a 3- clock down to 4

Turn 5: rolled a 6 finish.

Given that most victory points are D6 generated (eg. 3D6 VP’s for holding the crossroads) and the fact that you can never be sure how many turns you have to grab said points, makes for pretty interesting games.