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So, regarding indie video games that have been mentioned in this thread…

Playing Ruiner. Set it on Easy mode because I’m just a sightseer, and (having played a lot of Streets of Rage 4 lately) not interested in another intense arcade-action experience right now. I love the atmosphere and ambience of it, entirely in line with my ideal for a trope-loving, tabletop gaming-conducive cyberpunk setting with an up-to-date, youthful edge to it. The gameplay is not very deep, and it plays a bit derpy on a console (it was definitely made for mouse-and-keyboard controls) but I can’t get enough of how slick and stylish it is in regard to art direction. Getting a lot of inspiration from this one.

Playing Neo Cab. To be honest there doesn’t seem to be much miniatures gaming inspiration in it (except maybe some of the character art), but I still like it for other reasons. Definitely “my type” of game in regard to the culture it comes from and its general design philosophy (I’m one of those people that loved Tacoma). It seems to be a fairly mellow take on cyberpunk, overall.

Playing Gemini Rue. Reminds me more than a little bit of Beneath a Steel Sky, which I have strong childhood memories of. As cyberpunk settings go, this seems to be a very noir, deliberately drab and dumpy, “low-cyber” sort of cyberpunk, clearly channelling Blade Runner more than anything else. It’s a sharp contrast to the setting in Ruiner – very much a case of opposite ends of the spectrum that the genre encompasses. Not sure about this game’s usefulness as a source of miniatures gaming inspiration yet, but it’s nice to just immerse myself in the atmosphere, and to play a retro-style point-and-click adventure again.

I still do want to play Cloudpunk, but will have to wait for it to come out on console. Turns out my cheap laptop PC can’t even handle a voxel-based game 🙁

For similar reasons, Satellite Reign seems like a game I’ll only get to experience through YT videos, at least until I buy my next PC. But I can work with that.