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I definitely don’t know the answer to this question, since I actually have a £100 or so in the hobby kitty and I haven’t spent it yet.  Options are:

1 – Some cyberpunk stuff in 28mm.  What is holding me back here is that I need to make or buy the terrain first…

2 – Some more 15mm WW2 stuff, particularly Italians (to expand my opponents for US and British), Soviets (to give another opponent for the Germans) or Japanese (as Italians, but terrain issues here).

3 – Some more 15mm Cold War stuff.  This is more for Twilight 2000 type games rather than Cold War as such, but feel that I might want to get some games done with the stuff I have just painted first…a T-72 and maybe a NATO tank may be first here.

4 – Some more 6mm WW2 stuff.  This could include Poles, French and Soviets, plus stuff for the Western Desert…but there are problems here with which companies are open and which ranges I like.

5 – There a few interesting rulesets out there that I keep meaning to try: Et Sans Resultat, Bloody Big Battles & Armati spring to mind off the top of my head. OTOH, do I really need more rulesets?  Plus the only periods I really think I need new rules for Early Medieval and Wars of the Roses.

6 – Wings of the Motherland, because I love air warfare.  OTOH, it isn’t like I have played all the scenarios from Whistling Death yet…I could buy more 1/600 aircraft from Tumbling Dice, but I am very reluctant to do that until I have got a physical set up I like.

So, what to do ?