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Rachel Elizabeth

I’d like to chime in and say that I 100% agree that dismissing crafting as being unskilled is inaccurate, and that’s been articulated wonderfully here. I’d also like to address the idea that crafting on an “amateurish or haphazard” level is somehow not a good thing.

Every single one of us who identifies as skilled in our craft has started from beginner level. And even those of us who have been doing it for years, we always have new things to learn. Some of us are able to make money from what we do and can call ourselves professionals which is wonderful, and some are in it purely for enjoyment and that is also wonderful and valid. I think there’s a difference between knowing your technical skill is high, and feeling superior to those who you perceive as having a lower level of skill. With the former you can use your knowledge to offer constructive criticism and help when it’s wanted or needed, but where does the latter get you?

For example, I’ve been knitting for well over ten years, and have helped many customers along the way with both simple and more complicated problems, as well as completing commissions for people, and generally constantly still learning new techniques. I’d consider myself an advanced knitter, even a professional one when it makes me some money [and at this point I’d like to point out that in the original post you referred to “ladies with loads of homemade yarn” in a dismissive way, and actually homemade/homespun yarn is a difficult technical skill that takes a lot of practise and dedication, and I aspire to be that good one day!] I also know people who have been knitting for longer than me and never want to go further than knitting the same baby cardigan pattern over and over again for charity, or only ever want to knit squares that can be sewn up into blankets. That’s not for me (I get bored too easily!) but I would never, EVER, dismiss what they do as any lesser than what I do. They’re also knitters and they also get what they need from it.

I’m a total novice when it comes to terrain building and miniature painting, but so far it’s been loads of fun and I want to keep going. Hope I can count it as one of my many craft skills soon 😉