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Cacique Caribe

Does anyone want to give this question a try … “So when exactly did the term “crafting” begin to creep into the subject of making wargaming terrain?”

My guess is the last 5 years or so, though I could be wrong.  And my guess is that the phrase substitution started off on YouTube.  I have not heard terrain-making called “crafting” anywhere outside YouTube.

For example, this YouTuber has come up with a highly versatile way to convert stone walls to shop fronts.  He might have plans to use this solely for RPGs, but his idea transcends all miniature tabletop applications in my opinion.  The way I see it, I no longer need to decide ahead of time if my walls are going to be exterior or interior ones in a walled city:

Perhaps this use for the word “crafting” has a direct lineage going back to D&D players, trying to reinvent (Or rebrand) the 3-D gaming terrain concept.  It does seem to pop up a lot with that RPG crowd:

Maybe I just need to start getting out more.

Loads of WIPs: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/with/72157710630529376