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Tony S

One of the biggest parts of the warning hobby for me is buying, reading and even upon occasion even playing, all the new rules that come out. So I guess implicitly I’m saying that none of the rules I’ve played over the years had ever been perfect. Maybe I’m anyways searching for that holy grail?

I guess the oldest I still play is DBA – but the third edition of course. Which isn’t really old. The other rules I play regularly are all quite recent. I’ve also noticed that as time goes on, I am becoming more and more fond of simpler, more elegant rules. The marvelous ones that are fast playing, smooth, that don’t require constant reference to the book or endless modifiers and yet capture that elusive and entirely subjective period “feel”.

I’m also noticed that old rules that I used to really, really enjoy and that I decide to now play or re-read in a fit of nostalgia, are AWFUL. I really wonder what I used to see in them! It is certainly isn’t because I’ve become an old fart!