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Herself is a crafter making cards, gift boxes, decoupage thingys and wotnot… rooting around in all her crafting rubbish often turns up some surprisingly useful artifacts for us ‘proper’ model makers/crafters!

So I think this encapsulates an issue I have noticed in life as well as crafting. Anything that tends to be more female heavy is considered less skillfull than something that is male dominated. Women make ‘thingys’ and use ‘crafting rubbish’ but men are ‘proper’ model makers etc. Whether said in jest or not, if you look around, you will see the people who really think that way, including women by the way. It’s a societal issue.

Yes dear you’re quite right, at least with a bit of crafting knowledge, after you’ve burnt yer bra you can crochet another one, by the way skillful has only got one l on the end of it.

So bash on making nice thingys and we ‘master modelers’ will get on with the grown up stuff.

"Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

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