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Harry, I have spoken to you on a number of occasions about your conduct here, and whilst I had hoped you were taking onboard the feedback about the type of community TWW is about, it seems quite apparent you were not. You have had your posting rights removed.

I am about as feminist as a person can get and I understood Harry’s comment to be sardonic. Along the lines of Black Powder’s advise to lock oneself away from uninitiated children and women so that they won’t be traumatized by the spectacle of grown men playing with toy soldiers and making explosion noises.

Just my two cents, but I have a very black and sardonic sense of humor and Harry’s old British working class estate-dwelling geezer pose makes me laugh. However, if you think the comments are making women feel uncomfortable, it’s obviously your call Michael and Samantha.

(I firmly agree with Samantha, by the way. The culturally prevailing view is still that men make and do things of import while women putter around keeping themselves amused and their families happy. Now, you’ll please excuse me, but Herself is kicking my ass to get on with cleaning the bathroom this sunny Saturday quarantine morning before I go back to finishing off my 3mm Ancient British army.)

We get slapped around, but we have a good time!