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Some day I’d like to give some of the old fantasy and sci-fi rulesets a go. Laserburn, Chainmail, Striker, Royal Armies of the Hyborian Age, Starguard, Reaper, Knights & Magick, Middle Earth Wargames Rules, Dark Future, Rogue Trader, 1st-3rd ed WHFB, maybe original Battletech (if I can get to play it using only the better-looking mech designs), and a few more. I mainly want to experience them out of an interest in the history of nerd culture, so the actual enjoyability of said rulesets (such as it may be) wouldn’t be a major motivating factor.

The oldest rulesets that I’m more properly familiar with and would be prepared to use more casually are probably Dirtside II, Stargrunt II and Full Thrust.