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Tony S

Names names!

Well, I deliberately didn’t name names because I didn’t want to disparage somebody’s favourite rules.  One that springs to mind is 1644.  It has been decades since I played them, and thought they were wonderful, back in the salad days.  Upon re-reading them, I was appalled.   I do admit the campaign system – especially the lovely drawings by one or both of the Perry’s – is quite nice.  As is their artwork scattered throughout.

Or the first edition of Polemos’ GNW.  Quite a different kettle of fish from the new version I am given to understand.  Reread them a while ago, and was again surprised with the amount of dirt contained within that I didn’t really recall.   Even though I had played them when they came out, and enjoyed them, nowadays I found I couldn’t actually force myself to wade through them again to use them for some newly raised GNW armies.

As a point of comparison, to replace those sets we’ve settled on “For King & Parliament” and “Maurice” for the most part.