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Angel Barracks

It was very interesting playing a campaign, the knowledge that every troop lost could mean losing the overall war was very much on my mind.
Every casualty was crushing and I was genuinely gutted when a trooper went down.

There was the tipping point, at what point are the losses too much, or can you go past that point and get a major victory which may secure enough VP to replace the losses?
But pushing on and losing would be disaster.

It certainly put a new angle on the game.

The rules and scenario seemed balanced, but alas one turn of me rolling nothing but 5’s and 6’s coupled with Steve pretty much rolling very low swung the battle my way, until that point I would say Steve had the edge.

However the post-game section was also very unlucky for Steve.
There is a 50% chance that each figure killed in the game was just wounded and will be back in the fight later on.
Out of 11 casualties, only 2 actually lived.
Pretty bum luck when you consider it was 50/50.
I got back half of my losses as chance said it should.

I think it is karma for Steve saying on the first turn that RDF stands for Run Don’t Fight!

We agreed after the game to limit grenades to one shot usage.
We did have a bit where two squads faced off and just threw grenades at each other for a few turns.

Anyway, so far so good, the campaign rules work well so far…