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Leon Pengilley

With the lockdown easing off now, we’ve got a huge backlog of new products all waiting to be unleashed! So to get them all out to you asap, we’ll be releasing a batch every day for the next 10 days. We’ll have a variety of Pendraken 10mm items, Minibits products, as well as new third-party ranges available, so let the unleashing begin!

Day 1 of 10 Days of Shiny!

First up we’ve got a nice easy one with a selection of handy items added to our tools selection. Some of you may have spotted these hiding on our websites last week, but we can announce them properly for you now.
– The decal picker is a really useful gadget and is a lot easier than trying to peel them off your fingertip!
– We wouldn’t recommend the mould line remover for use on 10mm figures but it’s great for plastic kits, resin models and the edges of MDF bases as well.
– The tweezer set is a great one to have on your modelling desk and saves all the hassle and frustration of heads, guns and turrets being superglued to your fingers!
– And finally the dropper bottles allow you to mix and store your own paint colours in bigger batches. We’ve been using these in Pendraken HQ and it’s a lot easier than trying to mix the right ratios on your palette time after time.

Toolshttps://pendraken.co.uk/tools-putties-glues/tools/ and http://www.minibits.net/tools-putties-glues/
TOOL-TL7 Decal Picker £8.95
TOOL-TL8 Mould Line remover £6.95
TOOL-TL9 Tweezers set (x5) £14.95
TOOL-TL10 Dropper bottles (x4) £3.95

Tomorrow is Day 2 of 10 and we’ll have some nice 10mm additions for the WWII crowd…

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