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1300 on 4 Aug 1990
Mini-Campaign Fight #7
South Leon Army D Company vs FSNL 1st Company

The SLA’s D Company was dug-in deep into defensive positions oriented north, prepared to fight off the Commie hordes coming down Route 1, but were suddenly attacked from the west by FSNL3, which was retreating from a beatdown they received at the hands of TF Hammer.  It turned out to not be a big deal; the company quickly re-oriented itself to the west and very easily gave the retreating Communists a bloody nose, sending them packing in a northerly direction.  Security patrols were quickly sent out in all directions, seeking to find out if any other enemy forces were lurking in directions unexpected, and even hoping to tie in with the incoming Cuban forces, but bad news came back: fresh enemy troops were spotted coming in from the north!  It seems a new enemy formation passed through the retreating Communist troops they’d just defeated, and now D Company had to re-orient itself to defend to the north again.

A SLA machine gun (bottom left) lays down fire in support of SLA infantry (top left) rushing forward to kick Communist regulars out of the village (top center/right).

But things heat up in the village as the Communists counter with more infantry and light armor.

But fear not, there is always an answer to armor that has gotten to close to the infantry.

To see how the fight went, please check the blog at:

Next up we have Major Chavez’ Task Force Hammer taking on the FSNL’s 3rd Company, for the second time.  Poor FSNL3; they got the piss beat out of them by TF Hammer and were forced to retreat into SLA D Company, where they got the piss beat out of them again, and now TF Hammer is jumping on them again.