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Leon Pengilley

It’s Day 2 of our ’10 Days of Shiny!’

Today we switch to 10mm and WWII in particular, with a set of drivers and passengers released for our American, British, French, German and Soviet ranges! These are all seated figures which will fit into any of our jeeps, halftracks and trucks, or placed on a bench/ammo box to add something to a command base or diorama. The drivers have their arms in their laps so they can be put in either the driver or passenger seats of transports. The passengers come with helmets and rifles and the pairs could also be cut in half if you wanted individuals instead.

These new codes can be found in the Misc section of their respective nations (except for the French which are a single set of codes currently).


American Mischttps://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/american/misc/
AMX2 Seated drivers (5) £1.00
AMX3 Seated passengers (5 pairs) £1.85

British Mischttps://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/british/misc/
BRX11 Seated drivers (5) £1.00
BRX12 Seated passengers (5 pairs) £1.85

FRE62 Seated drivers (5) £1.00
FRE63 Seated passengers (5 pairs) £1.85

German Mischttps://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/german/
GRX25 Seated drivers (5) £1.00
GRX26 Seated passengers (5 pairs) £1.85

Soviet Mischttps://pendraken.co.uk/world-war-ii/soviet/misc/
SVX5 Seated drivers (5) £1.00
SVX6 Seated passengers (5 pairs) £1.85

And some pics:

AMX2 – American drivers

BRX11 – British drivers

FRE63 – French passengers

GRX26 – German passengers

For Day 3 we’ll be switching back to Minibits for some scenery items…

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