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Sane Max

also you might need to extend our Hobby to the RPG people. I know quite a few of them whose total commitment to the artistic side ended when they bought their Pre-Paints from wizzkids. (Or is that Prepaints from Wizz-Kids?)

But you would expect that. -It’s a real bell curve, one or two at one end who buy, paint, base and varnish their figures, and lovingly place them in a Cabinet to admire and never play with

And it gets weirder, I don’t think I like painting that much – yet I do it non stop. I paint ‘cos if I don’t I feel funny. (and drink more. and feel funnier).

And when I think about it, I don’t like gaming that much either. I am certainly rubbish at it, which may be why I am never short of a game. I am the wargames equivalent of the ‘Sure Thing’

Hang on…. what the hell am I doing this Hobby for?