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Cheers Guys thanks for your comments.

Mike, I am not an expert on Bernard Cornwell and his Sharpe novels or the TV series, but I have read and seen them all. I know that BC draws heavily on the historical fact to create his fiction and “Not Connard Sage” is correct that the South Essex have Yellow facings in the TV show and indeed carry the Eagle and Wreath motif on their Colours, an obvious nod to the award  made to the 87th.

My reference to Sharpe was to illustrate how true the common used phrase that “fact is often more interesting than fiction” is and as I am currently reading “The Battle of Barrosa 1811” by John Grehan and Martin Mace, I know there is a lot more stuff about this action that I left out. For example, in my post I mention that the 2/87th lost 4 officers and 50 men on emerging from the tree line before they advanced on the French. What I didn’t include was that the battalion officers were in a heated conversation with the Coldstream Guards as to who should lead out first when those casualties were suffered. Interestingly, the map from Oman shows the 87th to the right of the Guards in the line which was a breach of protocol as the senior battalion should always be on the right of the line. The fact was, that the re positioning of the British troops by Graham was so rapid that it led to units moving immediately towards the threat ignoring the usual formalities, which was obviously not how the Guards like things to be done! This might make an interesting little complication to throw at players in a game.