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Guy Farrish

What do we think of as ‘creative’?

(I lied about going to lie down).

Is it the physical production of something? Or is it the intellectual or emotional event in the brain?

Did the Young British Artists create by thinking and getting someone else to ‘do’? Could the technical assemblers have done without the artist? Possibly/probably. But did they?

Could the artists have done what the technical people did? Probably not in the case of shark and cow dismemberment but certainly in messed up bed construction (Emin is an excellent draugthsperson as well). But where is the creative spark?

Is ‘the creative side’ of wargaming confined to painting and terrain assembly? Obviously not – someone had to design, sculpt and produce the figures. If you don’t do that yourself have you abandoned creativity?


If you do no physical production does the game make itself?



Write your own? Most of don’t. Some of us do a bit.

Bu the scenario, the decisions we take, the set up, the interactions, are products of creative thinking.

Is a Rembrandt a Rembrandt if he didn’t grind his own pigments, mix them with the medium, apply the base coat, paint the main areas but only thought of the idea, made the initial sketch and put in a couple of finishing brush strokes?

Where is the creativity? In the physical actions? In the concept? In both?

One of the unsung wargamers in literature is Billy Liar*, no toys required; but he ran a country and fought many wars in his head.

Now there’s creativity.


*Not a role model – he let Julie Christie leave town on her own. Idiot!