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I have a friend that is big into Flames of War and Infinity.  He commissions others to build and paint his stuff as he has limited hand use, but can pick up squad bases and 28mm figures with concentration.  He loves to game, and recently is trying to rope me into playing some boardgames online (he cannot handle the small punched pieces, so this is a godsend to him.  We played Catan and had a good time).  For him, the creativity comes from expressing how he would like his troops to look.  This exactness and verbose bit of instruction has exasperated some painters as, though they are working as a service to the figure owners, an awful lot of them seem to want to do their own thing.  Luckily he now has a “stable” of people he uses whom understand him.

Dude has just about all of XXX Corps for Market Garden, let me tell ya…

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."