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I gamed with a guy at a convention several years ago, who after the game, struck up conversation about how much he enjoyed gaming, then shared that he would never buy/build/paint, etc.  He said he just goes to conventions and plays, gets to have all of the fun, while the “suckers” do all of the work.  I asked him if that was how he perceived the GMs, he smiled a big smile, said, “yep”, got up and left.  Takes all types.

As for me, I’m into the whole deal, I paint, build, and play, even master and cast some of my own figs.  While I am okay using someone else’s troops in a game that they are running, I can’t use troops painted by someone else in a game that I’m running.  I must paint my own figs or they aren’t “my” troops.  I even feel that somehow I’ve “cheated” if I buy buildings and terrain pieces manufactured by others, though time constraints force me to do so.  For me, the game is just a part of the creative process.