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Not Connard Sage

With plenty of time for cogitating, I’ve laid one… Does this exotic creature exist in real life? A wargamer with no interest in painting and basing figures, building terrain or <em class=”d4pbbc-italic”>anything creative attached to our hobby. A bloke who just <em class=”d4pbbc-italic”>wants to play wargames, buys everything ready made and painted including figures, and gets to it?


Yep. Me pretty much.

I hate painting the little sods. Unfortunately ‘er indoors might notice if I wasted more money buying ready painted ready made 🙂


…and I can’t stand Emin’s ‘work’. Saatchi must be art blind*


*it’s like being tone deaf, but different…


"I go online sometimes, but everyone's spelling is really bad. It's... depressing."